Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't Loose That Image #edtech

OK, so you know how to bookmark webpages with sites like Delicious, Diigo and Pearltrees, right? But what about images that you want to keep track of? can help with exactly that.  After signing up for an account you can simply select the Post tab paste the link to an image in the box or use the browser button that you can install and use without having to go back to  You will need to fill out some information just like you would with any bookmarking site; including, a title, description, tags and a link to the original page on which it appears.  Once done, it will be included under the pictures tab and visible according to the option you select (public, shared with the people you watch or private).  Additionally you can search for images others have shared publicly on the site.  What I really like about this site however, is the ability to click on an image and be redirected to the site on which it was found.  So it serves two purposes.  It creates a repository of images you found on the web (be sure to respect copyright) and also acts as a visual cue to bookmarked pages.  
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