Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Create and Bind Your Photos #edtech

A few days ago, I saw a request for a way to share photos collaboratively and keep them private with the option of making them public later.  My instant suggestions were Snapfish or Smugmug.  While these are commercial companies that will allow you to print out your photos, it doesn't cost anything to post and store your images.  The only cost is when you decide to have the pictures developed.  You can invite someone to view an share your albums. It's all good.
And then along came Keepsy.  This is 
sister site and it takes online photo albums to a collaborative place.  You can invite up to 120 people to add images to your album via it's email address.  Each album you create gets it's own.  Each album also gets a unique url (making it a bit like a google doc that only people who have the link can view.)  But like a Google Doc anyone with the link can share it.  So, once you create an album only share the page with someone you trust if you want to keep it "private". Once your album is complete, you can add a group gift feature which if I understand correctly allows visitors to make small contributions until the cost of a hard bound copy of the album has been paid for.  Again an interesting concept - what if you used Keepsy for yearbook creation for your classroom?  Parents could all chip in towards the payment of the order based on what they can afford and everyone gets a copy.  This would also be a good way to gather your students artwork and create a hardbound keepsake.  Of course, you don't have to publish it but simply Keepsy it as a digital album.
Oh, plus if that wasn't enough...they'll even gather your Instagram feed and turn that into a hard bound album.
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