Friday, April 8, 2011

Connecting a List of Links with BridgeURL #edtech

More than I care to admit this 365 project has been getting harder and harder to keep up with.  I've shared well over 90 sites with you so far that can either enhance you lessons or your own digital experience.  But what I have enjoyed the most is also my greatest struggle and that is the hunt for sites to share.  I can't tell you how many times I have almost shared a document sharing utility and then stopped myself because really what;s the point when Google pretty much has that market cornered with Google Docs.  Then there are sites that I need to explore further before feeling confident enough to recommend, for example - amazing potential just not sure exactly how it works yet.  I also realize that the sites I've shared thus far have run the gamut from Video Editing to Cartoon Creation to Webquest Tools and that there is really no cohesive structure. That is somewhat intentional.  If I decided that next week I would only share QR code sites, would you come back every day to read a new post.  Probably not? Variety is the spice of life. But variety can also lead to chaos.  So tonight, as I ramble on, I wanted to share a way you can keep sites neatly organized and that is with BridgeURL.  No signup is necessary making it a great way for students to conduct research and "collect" websites.  Simply come up with a title and start pasting URLs (one per line, please) into the list box.
Once complete you get a link (or even a short link) to the collection.  When that URL is visited, it overlays arrows to the right and left so you can quickly access all the sites in your list.  Usually, I create linklists for presentations that I do and share them as excel spreadsheets on the internet.  Obviously those can end up looking cluttered and confusing.  Here, is the link the the BridgeURL list that I created for my upcomming Twitter session:  You can view it as a webpage, as a list of hyperlinks or even open all pages at once if your computer has enough processing power.  I see some real potential here.  How do you think you will use BridgeURL?
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