Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can't Wait for Monday - Did I Say That? #edtech

If you read yesterday's post you are aware I have had a very busy weekend.  Today was spent completing my taxes, buying the wife a new phone (in case you're wondering it was an EVO Shift) and attending a children's birthday party and I just returned home.  I updated yesterday's post with some more information on and now I need to share another site for tonight's post. See, why I want Monday to come?

Being around all those children today and watching mom's and dad's pull up YouTube videos on their cellphones to keep their children entertained.  I started thinking about a struggle I have had for year's and that's with the amount of garbage that's on YouTube. While it's been getting better as an educational resource, I still think back to a time many years ago when I had some work today and thought I'd be smart and plop my daughter in front of a stream of Little Bear videos on my computer.  Everything was great at first until I overheard one video that had been "edited'.  The video was an episode Little Bear - but the soundtrack was not. Someone thought it would be cute to turn Little Bear into a gangster and the words coming from the computer had me moving quickly to pull the plug (although it was one of those slow motion parenting moments)

That was a long lead up to share a site that I would recommend for any elementary school classroom.  It's called Kideos.  Well maintained and organized you can find YouTube videos broken down by age level and channels.  You can create your own favorite list.   The search engine works well, so if you need a quick video on the alphabet or addition and subtraction - simply search, and Kideos will find videos on your subject matter, helping you differentiate the learning safely in your classroom. Best of all you're able to disable the YouTube links to other videos and avoid those "embarrassing" situations.
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