Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alternative to Edmodo #edtech

I am a big fan of Edmodo following my experience at the 2011 FETC conference.  But there is some serious competition coming in the form of Diipo.  I just signed up for an account after finding it on Listio and must say that I am pretty impressed.  The interface is extremely similar to Twitter, but is a walled garden like Ning or Edmodo in that you create a passcode that users have to enter to join your Diipo network.  It appears that each user also gets the opportunity to blog and that you can share resources with your students. Unlike these other sites there is an Educator network page for educators to connect.  A brilliant idea for such a fledgling network.  While Edmodo has a great help center and I'm sure a similar community, Diipo really has some potential.  let me know what you think.  Sign up, if you like and help me explore by connecting with me on Diipo.  As always I am JGubbins207.
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