Monday, March 7, 2011

Twitter, Not the Only Microblog?

Believe it or not Twitter is not the only microblog platform out there. It just happens to be the most popular.  There are also sites like Tumblr and Plurk.  While I really have never understood the attraction of Plurk (maybe someone can post a comment changing my mind on the application), I have used Tumblr.  This site allows you to not only post Text, Photos, Quotes, Links, Chat, Audio and Video without having to leave the application.  It also makes it easy to find other Tumblr users by keyword (similar to Twitter's hashtags).  You can post via the various applications, call in your post via an 866 number and embed your Tumblr stream to your blog.  So if you're looking for a viable alternative to Twitter (maybe it's blocked in your school) - Tumblr just may be the way to go.
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