Monday, March 14, 2011

Thinking about Going Paperless? #edtech

If you're thinking about taking your classroom paperless, a great place to start is with Scribd the "world’s largest social reading and publishing company".  Coverting your electronic documents to files that can be shared online is always your first step to a paperless environment.  On the surface, this site allows you to upload any file (.pdf, .ppt, .txt, etc...) and even link to and convert your Google Docs. It then takes this file and converts it into a searchable PDF that either you, your colleagues or even your students can locate online, read or download.  But the fun doesn't stop there!  You can tag your files to make them easily discoverable.  I am often surprised that within minutes of uploading a file to Scribd their are already hundreds of reads.  People are constantly looking for valuable information on this site.  Other important things to know? You can create collections of documents, rss feeds for tags (so anytime a new file is uploaded in that category you are notified), embed your file anywhere that type of code is accepted, Readcast files (share them across social networks) and even sell - yes sell, your work online.  Lot's of things to explore!
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