Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sometimes the Solution is Right in Front of You #edtech

I realize that over the past 3 months I have been sharing a different Web 2.0 utility every day - that is the point of a 365 project after all right? But sometimes we can get so caught up in looking for these tools that we neglect to see what is right before us.  I had a TON of stuff to get done this weekend and a lot of it required me to get my home studio/office back in order.  It was about a year over due for a good cleaning.  Of course as I started to uncover some long forgotten equipment I had to stop and play around with it. One such item was an old laptop with a Myah OS distribution installed on it.  I started wondering what I could put on it and have running in the background (ala Chris Pirillo - one of my Geek heroes) of some live broadcasts I plan on running later this year. I considered running a binary clock (the ultimate badge of Geekdom) but then decided maybe a flickr slideshow would be more appropriate on different keywords.  OK, so the Web 2.0 brain immediately kicked in and I started looking for an application to do this with.  And there are some great ones out there including Flickr Slideshow and Slide Flickr that allow you to create some "flashier shows by tags, username, sets, etc. And I guess those would be the top two utilities I would recommend for that purpose.  However, after taking a few steps back, I started thinking why do I need another utility when Flickr has it's own Slideshow tool that will do the trick.  So, that's the plan, if I decide to run a Flickr slideshow in the background of live broadcasts, it will be with the tool straight from the source.  Sometimes the best solution is right in front of you.
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