Sunday, March 6, 2011

Side Tangent on the #IPAD2 #Edtech

Now that my utility post is out of the way for the day.  I need to go on a bit of a rant.

I will admit, I am confused by the IPAD phenomenon.
I was excited when Apple first announced the revolutionary magical device as if it were the latest version of the Nimbus 2000 (sorry since my trip to Orlando - I've been a bit obsessed with Harry Potter).  I was disappointed in the price point. Really Mr. Jobs? For the price of the low end model, I could buy 2 decent netbooks and they could actually be used as computers!  Yes, I realize the Apple purists out there will tell me that the IPAD is not designed to be a laptop or even a netbook.  Rather, it is more in the family of a Mobile Internet Device (MID). Well have you done a search online for Mobile Internet Device lately?  There are hundreds of them! And most will open up just about any webpage out there and at least half have cameras (Front and Rear).
Do I think the concept of a tablet that runs apps is revolutionary?  Absolutely!  Is it the next best thing since sliced bread? I think not.  Why do you think the second induction of the IPAD came so quickly after the first?  It's simple, the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy have hit the market and BOTH have better cameras than the IPAD.  So, Apple is still behind and will likely never get Flash!  And let's be honest, how many pages do you open that you don't get the full power from on your IPADs?  I now that this blog alone does not reach  it's full potential on an IPAD.
Will I be in line next Friday at an Apple Store to pick up the new model? Probably.  Why after the ti raid I just went on? Well, it's simple, educators are treating this MID like it is the greatest thing ever and I provide technological professional development to educators.  If you attended a conference this year, you saw the vast numbers - I just wish people would realize that they have become the audience from the 1984 Macintosh commercial, drones to the Steve Jobs magic spell (pleas if you are an Apple purist do not be offended we "PCs" take the same ribbing from you).  Will I also be buying a cheaper Android based tablet? Most definitely!
Because, I don't think it's the OS that is the "revolution", rather the platform. Mobility is where we are at right now and within a few years I feel this debate will be ancient history as walls begin to break down and students are no longer asked to shutdown when entering the hallowed halls of education.  Rather students will be encouraged to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and if your blood pressure is already up reading this post - I hope you are sitting down.  Those devices are going to be Cell Phones.  My Evo has the same processing power as the IPAD, Xoom or Galaxy Tab.  When I first got it, I did not touch a computer for 3 months outside of work. The drawback is screensize and  that is going to be changing soon as well when docks with larger screens begin to become more prevalent.
Until then I hope we can all agree to disagree on which OS is the "King" of the MIDs.
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