Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pull Your PDFs Together #edtech

I need to thank @eplybon for her earlier post on Twitter today.  Because she shared what would become tonight's quick post.  Earlier this month I shared a tool that allowed you to "edit" PDFs that you didn't own without the need for a full version of Acrobat.  Well what if you wanted to pull multiple PDFs together into one file.  It's easy enough if you own the full version of Acrobat to merge files, but there are a number of online utilities that can help you do this as well.  One of them is PDFMerge which allows you to select multiple files from your desktop and merge them together as one cohesive unit.  Great for collaborative work.  *Bonus:If you look at the top of the site you will see some of their other resources that include the ability to: "split PDF files go to http://www.splitpdfonline.com. To unlock restricted PDF files go to http://www.pdfunlock.com. To add password protection to a PDF, go to http://www.pdfprotect.net. All online and for free!"
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