Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fighting with Flickr? #edtech

Have you ever had difficulty sorting through the vast amount of images on Flickr? Well next time let Compfight come to the rescue.  This site takes some of the confusion out of which images are available under a Creative Commons license or under a commercial license.  The first page you see will simple let you search the Flickr database by keyword.  Once the results are returned you can filter the information by limiting your results to tags only or all text. Additionally, you can select whether you want images with any license, Creative Commons or Commercial.  Of course it's always a good idea to click the image which will take you to the original image on Flickr where you can scroll down and check the license information in the right rail by clicking on the license link.  Because you can also find some questionable images on Flickr, there is also a way to toggle safe and unsafe images.  Of course you can do all this by using the advanced search options of Flickr as well, but sometimes using Compfight just makes the process more seamless.
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