Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disaster Information Mashup #edtech

A site that I have been impressed with for some time is actually a mashup called RSOE EDIS.  It is an alert map that combines RSS, Email, Google Earth and CAP Services to provide information about disasters (both man made and natural).  Everything from earthquakes, to hazardous waste spills to epidemic outbreaks of the flu are charted on the map. When you click on one of the icons, you get a brief summary of the event.  If you click on the more details you are brought to a much more detailed page providing a summary and plenty data about the event as well as the location where it occurred.   Japan at the moment is a hotspot of activity. There are a number of alerts regarding the earthquake and all it's aftershocks.  There are also alerts for nuclear plants that caught fire following the earthquake, for aftershocks that have been occurring since the event and even an explosion at an oil refinery is documented here.  When available there are also photos and videos associated with the events.  
RSOE EDIS is a valuable mashup that can keep you up to date on climatological events, natural disasters and manmade calamities and is a good example of how data can be made visual.
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