Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calculate Success #edtech

I was reading an article in a village brochure recently asking that if you had gently used calculators to please donate them to the local high school.  The explanation for this request was that calculators are expensive and easily lost by students.  I couldn't agree more, I remember loosing more calculators in high school than I care to remember.  But really?  In the 21st century do we really still need scientific pocket calculators? A quick Google search for "Online scientific calculators" returned an astonishing 1.5 million results! After perusing a few, I really liked what I found at EnCalc.  Now, I'll preface this by saying math was never my strong suit in school.  It's just not the way my mind works.  But this tool, really looks like it has some promise.  It has a number of features that I like.  You have the option to toggle the calculators keyboard on and off (thus you actually need to know the functions).  It allows you to bookmark your results (talk about a memory function)! Next you can even embed your results into a blog or wiki (see the area of a circle embeded below).  It will also graph "all common mathematical functions".   This calculator might not serve all the functions of a $100 plus TI Graphing calculator - but there are other options and even cell phone apps that do the many of the same things for the cost of a little investigating.  I'm sure there are mathematical purists out there who will strongly disagree with me and I welcome your comments on this post.

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