Thursday, March 3, 2011

BeFunky on the Web!

Sometimes you images need a little something extra to make them pop. But we aren't all experts with Photoshop are we? We'll here comes BeFunky to the rescue.  They have a number of filters that you can apply to photos you either find on the web or upload yourself.  Most of the effects include a few basic sliders to adapt the image to suit your needs.  Originally, I used BeFunky years ago to manipulate various avatars I used across the Web.  But they have really improved their product and like most sites have additional features you can get by paying for the premium version.  However, the base level of BeFunky should be more than enough for you basic projects.  You can add text bubbles, frames and all the glitzy glam that you want.  The real power though is the effects that you can apply that enhance your photos the way you can with Photoshop. Mind you it doesn't give you all the editing power of Photoshop.  There are no layers, no brush effects no ability to erase.  Just a nice way to enhance your photos.  I was able to convert the photo of the Chicago skyline taken from Flickr below and turn it into a watercolor in about 30 seconds.  This can help pictures fit a theme in just a matter of moments.  It is a fun application, but I think it serves some value as a tool - Let me know what you think.

Creative Commons License

This work originally released by Sweet One and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License. The "remastered" image was converted using and is released under the same license.
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