Wednesday, March 16, 2011

170 Words or less?

Tonight's post is going to be a relatively quick hit.  In fact, I'm going to try and keep the post under 170 words.  How do I know? Because, I'm actually writing the post within the utility Word Count Tool. This tool does exactly what it says and counts the words of your text.  You can either type directly into the utility or simply copy and pate the text from your document.  This is great to help you edit yourself if you tend to be long in the tooth when you write (something I personally need to work on). I am grateful to Shannon Miller (@shannonmmiller) posted this resource on Twitter this morning.  It was a great reminder that words do count! As we are often reminded of when we have to limit them to 140 characters or less on Twitter or when filling out forms and applications on line. Tomorrow's post will carry this a step further.  But for now, I'm out of words. Total word count? 169! Phew, just made it!
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