Sunday, February 20, 2011

Writer's Block Got You Down?

My mind is starting to get so focused on my sessions for next week that the unthinkable has happened.  Only 2 months into this 365 project - I have stumbled upon writer's block.  There are literally hundreds of apps running through my head, but I'm having a hard time finding an application I want to suggest tonight. So what does any good web 2.0 head do to overcome writer's block?  Look for an app to help with it of course!  Sure enough after about a half hour of searching I came across Skribit.  If you look off to the right of the text you are reading you may notice a new feature of  It's the suggestion box!  And that marvelous little addition is provided by some code Skribit provides blog authors to ask their reader's for suggestions.  What a novell idea?! So, if you have an app that you think absolutely must be added to this project, please feel free to click the suggestion box and tell me about it.  I'll look into it and if I think it's worthy of review will add it to the lineup.  But be forewarned, if I don't see an educational application for it - I may just be contacting you to write a guest post explaining yourself! :-)
Well, I fullfilled my duty for tonight.  I absolutely love Ed Tech conference season, but must admit I'll be glad when ICE is done and it becomes one less thing on my overflowing plate.
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