Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whose Reading My Blog? How Do I Find Out?

If you were in my session "Untangling the Web" at FETC this year, you heard me talk about the online search engine/demographic builder Quantcast.  This application allows you to get an at a glance look at whose visiting certain websites.  In my example I use the Chicago Sun Times which usually gets between 1.5 and 3 million visitors a month and go on to show the impressive part of Quantcast which is that they are able to build out demographics about the readership by analyzing the browsing history of visitors to the site (How is far too detailed for this post; but you can read about it here).  Well, when I searched my own blog, I was discovering that it was unable to even estimate my blogs demographics because I didn't get enough hits without registering and adding their code to my site.  After signing up, adding the code and waiting about a week.  I am now returning results.  And while they are not as impressive as the suntimes, I will now be able to quantify and analyze my readership and start tweaking my blog to meet it's target audience.  Wether you want to see if a site is worth looking at for research or just want to know who your own readership is Quantcast is a very powerful tool.
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