Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weebles Wobble Websites

Boy howdy, did I ever make a difficult 365 project.  Not because it's difficult to come up with 365 great utilities, but more due to the fact that it's hard to find the time to make sure I post.  Today I'm going to share a resource with you that I've been using (albiet sparingly) since 2009.  It's called Weebly.  Leslie Fisher mentioned it at #FETC during some of her sessions.  And if Leslie thinks it's a good product - it validates it's worth to me!  Weebly is somewhat of a blog and webpage hybrid.  Using a drag and drop interface it's extremely easy to get started.  I use Weebly for my log blogging at conferences to take notes.  If your interested in an example, check out This is where I take notes on various sessions I have attended over the years.  It works ok for live blogging (just make sure you're manually and continously updating the page).   Weebly is simply a drop dead easy way to create an online web presence.  No way you can "fall down" with this one!
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