Sunday, February 13, 2011

Video Knowledge Can Be Powerful

You've heard of Youtube and may even know of their edu section.  You've likely heard of TED which is full of some of the greatest talks of all times.  But have you heard of lectr? I didn't think so.This site is filled with lectures from professors and teachers at some of the best Universities and Schools in the world.  Whether your looking for information on history, physics, anatomy or any other educational subject, you're likely to find something of interest.  Right now they only have about 300 videos, but they seem to be growing and encourage you to upload your own.  Now, the special part? It was created and is curated by Eugene O'Donald an 18 year old student currently passing his Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) equivalent with a High school degree.  Now that's a passion for learning.  Help him out and upload your lectures and "become a online teacher to help your students, friends and people across the globe."
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