Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Birdy Told Me

A few posts ago I told you about an amazing project where students were reading stories online.  I've also told you about Storybird and Storyjumper where students can make their own books online.  Well, tonight I want to tell you about a hybrid utility I just discovered LittleBirdTales.  I met a number of fantastic elementary teachers at the ICE conference this year and this post is specifically for them.  I sat through a session about creating videos with Windows Movie Maker for Kindergarten classes. (mostly because it was just before my session), but the LittleBirdTales blows that idea away?  Why?  Because it's in "the cloud" (on the Internet) for one.  But it also allows students to upload images they have either photographed or drawn and upload them to the Internet and then NARRATE them!  Yes you read that correctly.  Your students can upload their own work and narrate them all within the application LittleBirdTales.  Talk about differentiated learning.  It pulls your auditory and visual learners directly into these projects.  Of course you can help them with the process as well - check out this wonderful example from Mrs. Snethen's Class.  LittleBirdTales goes beyond podcasting or vodcasting and adds to the creative process.  I hope this service continues to remain free because it adds a new medium to digital storytelling!
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