Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let Your Twitter Voice Be Heard

I'm presenting on Twitter next week at ICE and as I started going through my standard presentations (which has been updated a bit over the last year to reflect the "New Twitter" and has some additional 3rd party apps) I realized that one of the applictaions I like to show has been taken off line and merged into another application - typical.  But fortunately, there are a ton of alternatoves out there.  So, goodbye Chir.ps and hello Twaud.io It works almost the same way as my old standby.  Basically, you can upload or record audio using flash (sorry IPAD users) using your Twitter account.  Once the audio is recorded you have 100 characters to Tweet about it and then a link is added to your update taking your followers back to the audio file.  Great way to share a new song you've written as a musician or create a podcast without having to worry about a host.
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