Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interviewing With Twitter

One of the applications that seemed to really impress people during my session Twitter: Taking It to the Tweet at ICE this year was an application called Tweeterview. What amazed me was not only the fact that people tweeted about it from the session, but the number of times that it was retweeted by folks not even at the conference!  I saw at least a half dozen retweets.  This third party application works in conjunction with Twitter and allows you to conduct interviews using your Twitter account.  It really is a powerful tool.  Basically you sign up for a free Tweeterview account and then invite anyone with a Twitter account to be interviewed.  Once the interview is scheduled the interview itself happens with tweeterview and each question and answer are sent across the public timeline.  The interview that is stored at Tweeterview is smart enough to atttach answers that go beyond the 140 character limit, making the interview read cohesively.  I hope this post has made some sense - I'm writing it in a room where an XBox Kinect party is currently happening, but didn't want to take a chance on missing another post.  Go check out Tweeterview and let me know what you think!

This just in - Tweeterview now allows for private off the record interviews! Yeah! Educators  and their students who don't want  interviews going out to the public timeline can now wall the garden and protect the updates! Way to go Tweeterview!
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