Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gather Around for Today's Post

As I continue to tweak my "Tools Not Toys" session for ICE, I'm realizing that some of the utilities I had planned to share don't quite fit the categories I had them in.  One of the possible subjects that will arise during the session is about Social Aggregation.  I hate to say this but I'm afraid that RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is reaching the end of it's life cycle.  Social Aggregation is stepping up to take it's place.  One site that intrigues me in this respect is Gather.  And while I had to pull it from my ICE presentation it warrants a quick look here.  According to their About Page "Gather is the place where millions and millions of people come for fresh perspective on what's happening now. Gather members can share their own views and join in conversation with others who share their interests."  And from what I can see that's exactly what the site does.  It allows authors and bloggers to write about various subject matter that is then added to a categorized database of topics.  When you find an author that interests you, you can follow them as you would on any social networking site.  Then, when they create new content, you are informed of it much the same way you would be on Facebook or Twitter.  The difference is instead of reading a quick post you can read their full article.  It's an interesting idea that I will need to explore more when I have some time.
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