Monday, February 28, 2011

Forget the Moto try Kizoa

Since Animoto first came to the forefront as the application of choice to create online slideshows backed by music quickly and easily, I was not impressed.  Yes, you read that right.  While everyone was all excited and happy about how easy the process was.  It always bothered me, Animoto is great for creating a quick slideshow of photos, but there is no creativity in the process.  Typically, you have no control over the final product (at least in the free version).  Of course, if you pony up and pay the $50-250 a year you get a bit more control.  However, even then it is not a digital storytelling tool.  I agree with most of the sentiment in this fantastic post by Jon Orech. 

And then today it really came to light when this Tweet from when of my favorite people in my PLN Taml17 came across my TweetDeck:
"Does anyone know if there is a way to completely reverse the order of images in an @Animoto vid?"

For me, it's the Ning thing all over again.  Animoto does not give you control unless you pay for it and therefore the content is trapped in it's final state. For Jon it's all about the lack of Digital Storytelling (but I think even tonight's utility will impress Jon, because I think it can also fill the DS role.)

All that being said - I'm never one to not offer an alternative.  Hence, tonight's utility is: Kizoa.  It works a lot like Animoto - you upload your photos from your desktop (or even via a webcam) and then drag them to a timeline (add transitions if you like) and even add a soundtrack; either from their large selection or upload your own.  When your show is done, you have a multitude of ways to share the file, including embed code (see my trip through Diagon Alley at Islands of Adventure in Orlando).

The nice thing about Kizoa is if I want to make changes to the slideshow I can at any time.  You are in control of YOUR content. I can even select if I want others to be able to share my show. They also give you up to a 1 Gb of space for all your photos and movie files. What will you create with Kizoa?

*Of course they also have a premium version you can pay for which will give you even more bells and whistles including unlimited storage.
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