Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yesterday I Told My Story - Today Tell Yours

Wow! I cannot believe what I stumbled upon today.  If you are an elementary teacher pay attention to today's post.  You probably have heard of Storybird, but I bet you aren't familiar with StoryJumper. I know I wasn't until tonight!  This Web 2.0 utility like Storybird allows you to write a book online. Unlike Storybird, StoryJumper it does not provide the gorgeous artwork to inspire you.  Instead the provide you with an extremly large collection of clipart that enhances the creative process.  Additionally, and this is the part that I think is a marked improvement - You can upload your own images to StoryJumper!!  Imagine taking a picture of your classroom as a backdrop for your characters in your story!  StoryJumper is free to use, however, like Storybird you can opt to choose a hardcopy edition.  Finally (and remember I just discovered this site tonight - so there may be a lot more you can do), there is an educational version! Woot! And it provides a walled garden for your students work which "is designed to...
  • give teachers an interface to manage and review students' work.
  • enable kids to share stories between the classroom and home.
  • maintain strict privacy controls over student information.
  • enable educational discounts when ordering books."
Amazing!  I can't wait to explore Storyjumper more and discover how much it has to offer!
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