Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trending the World

Tonight I want to share one of my favorite third party Twitter Mashup Apps that you don't even need a Twitter account to utilize.  It's called Trendsmap.  Simply put, you type a keyword into the trendsmap and it searches the public timeline and places the result on a Google map in the form of a single word tagcloud.  The larger the word the more frequently it's being talked about in that area of the world.  Once you choose a location to click on, you will be shown updates coming from that specific city.  Also if there are hyperlinks to news articles or videos they will be highlighted in the timeline as well.  So while Trendsmap seems simple from the outset, you can see how you can get first hand accounts of world events in real time using trendsmap
I have heard rumor that they are looking for funding and am hoping that they don't sell out to some larger conglomerate that will water down this amazing tool.
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