Monday, January 31, 2011

Sing Your Search

I usually pride myself on sharing Tools NOT Toys, as you'll discover if you attend one of my ICE sessions next month with a similar name.  But tonight, I'm just amazed by what seems like a great utility: Midomi I'm going to need some music teachers to explore it and help me decide. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble signing up for an account (it could be my hotels wifi) - so it's hard to give a real first hand account.  But from what I understand Midomi utilizes some of the power of SoundHound to explore music.  Without even having an account you can start singing your favorite tune and Midomi will find either the original or members versions of that song.  You're using your voice to search!  And I can't stop doing it.  I'm amazed and hypnotized by it's power and possibilities.  Anyone with a Midomi account want to expound upon this post?
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