Monday, January 10, 2011

Share That Sound

OK, this one's for the music teacher's out there.  While investigating another web 2.0 utility UJam - which I'll cover at a later date I'm sure (I haven't had enough time to fully investigate it) - I stumbled upon SoundCloud  At it's surface SoundCloud seems like just another toy.  Until you start to think outside the box.

Certainly the most obvious benefit of this utility is that your students can upload or record their work directly to the web for others to listen to and enjoy.  It also visualizes the sound as a "pretty waveform". But, there are four things that I really like about SoundCloud.

First, you can embed your files on other websites (blogs, facebook, wikis, etc) and your followers can download those files directly making it easy to "share and promote your sounds to anyone, anywhere"

Second, SoundCloud has a wonderful feature that allows anyone to add a comment to your file at anyplace in your file (something I've always thought Voicethread was missing). So you can get real-time peer and teacher evaluation on your work globally.

Third, they provide creative commons licensing. If you look at the advanced search settings, you can search for Creative Commons works that you can build upon or use in presentations.  Of course you can also release your own work under these licenses as well.

Finally, there are literally hundreds of apps that work in conjunction with Soundcloud. Which is why I don't understand how this site eluded me for so long.

So, I encourage you to explore Soundcloud on your own and discover all the amazing ways it can be utilized in an educational setting.
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