Sunday, January 9, 2011

Save the World, One Website at a Time

I'll admit it.  There are times when I just can't read an entire article on the web.  I need to physically hold paper in my hands.  Usually, when I have to read more than 10 pages of information, I will print the document. Unfortunately, I usually end up with 20-30 pages because of poor formatting and web ads.   That was before i discovered Print What You Like

Print What You Like allows you to isolate sections of web pages and only print that area. Sure you could highlight an area of a webpage and click print selection, but because this doesn't change the formatting of a page you can often end up with many more pages than for which you bargained.  With Print What You Like you simply put in a URL and it opens the page with a sidebar that allows you to change the font and size of the text and includes toggle radio buttons to turn off backgrounds, images and margins.  As you move your mouse around the webpage it will display red boxes around different segments of the page.  If you click the text you will see a hover bar allowing you to isolate, remove, widen,  resize, save a clip (allowing you to combine parts of different websites in one printing - requires a free account) and select more.  Using these various tools you can isolate different parts of a site and only "Print What You Like"
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