Thursday, January 20, 2011

Phone in Your Podcast

At the Illinois Education Technology Conference, this year i presented on various types of "casting" media (podcasting, screencasting and streamcasting).  One of the tools I discovered this year that was included in the podcasting session was Ipadio.  This may be one of the top utilities I discovered in 2010.  Once again, I am only going to give you a brief description and let you investigate the site on your own.  I could probably write an entire series on this application.  In a nutshell, IPadio allows you to dial a toll free number from your cell phone or landline phone and record up to 60 minutes of audio - for free.  Yes, I said free (you only pay for the minutes on your cell phone or land line).  Of course if you are a corporate user , they do have a fee based subscription service.  But for the rest of us - free! Once you hang up, an mp3 file is automatically created and stored on your Ipadio homepage.  Additionally, they have partnered with Spinvox and will automatically covert your speech to text, again for free!  The ideas for this application are endless.  Additionally, they have Apps for the IPhone and Android platforms to enhance this utility even further.  Don't let this utility pass you by, you know you've got something to say, so start phlogging tonight!
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