Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Pearl of Wisdom

I almost blew it 15 days in and almost forgot to write a post tonight. I'm going to try and start writing less about each application I share and let you explore them and form your own opinions.  I never expected this project would be as big a challenge as it has been.
That being said I wanted to talk about a social bookmarking tool I've been using for some time.  You see delicious is reportedly on Yahoo's sunset list and may be on it's way out.  I must admit I saw this coming when you suddenly needed a Yahoo account to get a new delicious account.  So I started looking for alternatives.  Sure there's Digg, but I've never been a huge fan of this application. So, I landed at a site called Pearltrees.
What I like about Pearltrees, is that it is extremely visual.  You can create and link categories (or pearls) together and also create spokes as subcategories of each pearl. It looks something like this:
This application can do for way more than I can cover in one post.  So sign up for an account and start your tree.  But I do have two functions of Pearltrees with which I am most impressed.  First, when you open a link, it opens within Pearltrees, so you are never far from your related links.  Second, is how easy it is to search the trees of others and import them into your own.  Even though my tree is not extremely large yet, I have received numerous emails stating that people are adding my pearls to their trees.  Never got that with Delicious.
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