Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New VYou

This is going to happen occasionally during this 365 project, I am about to share an untested app with you that i am extremely excited about but have yet had a chance to harness it's power.  I'm not sure how long VYou has been around but it seems like there is a ton of buzz with this new social app.  Earlier today this tweet from  was re-tweeted by @ShellTerrell.  Always interested in what people think are the best web tools, I clicked on the link.  There was Nik responding via video to questions he had been asked throughout the day.Almost in a timeline fashion.  It seemed that he was able to create a video response and then these videos would play in sequence answering all the questions.  I immediately signed up for an account to explore at a later time.  Way to busy this week to be looking at any new tools.  Well, when you sign up for VYou you are asked to select 3 categories in which you consider yourself an expert.  In my case it was Science & Technology, Internet / Blogging and Golf  These are all things I feel comfortable discussing and feel I could answer questions about (currently, I think the categories are fairly limiting - but they are new and still in Beta testing)  That was it, I haven't create any videos (your supposed to do this so when your page is idle something shows.  Right now mine is static.  Yet I have already been asked my opinions by other members of VYou: "What are your thoughts on the 'No Child Left Behind' act and is it benefitting the school systems where it's been implied?" and "Still a fan of Tiger Woods, even after all the drama?" You'll have to stay tuned for my video replies on my VYou page.
Sometimes a new tool is all about potential, and boy, do I see educational potential with VYou! What a great way to hold a review or tutoring session for your students.  They simply type their question and you can respond via video (and I bet even screencast).  Maybe your students are studying historical figures? Maybe each student is assigned one character to personify in the video and answer questions from his/her classmates.  These are just a few thoughts rolling around in my head.  What are yours?
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