Thursday, January 6, 2011

Make a Wish or Make it Stix?

I know I'm going to take some heat for tonight's suggested app.  Namely because I know how popular Wallwisher has become as a form of collaborative corkboard.  But, I'm not a big fan.  Mostly because before I was first introduced to Wallwisher, I had already started using

Stixy is very similar to Wallwisher in that you have a board to post notes too.  But Stixy takes that a bit further by allowing you to add to-do's, documents and photos.   I hear some of you already saying what about videos and audio.  Well instead of simply having a link to the file on the web you can upload videos and audio directly to your stixyboard (up to 50 Mb/file).  You can also add color coded post it notes with links to websites just like Wallwisher.

But where Stixy really shines for me is in it's calendar functionality.  You can create to-do lists as Stixy Notes or simply view them in a left column list.  Provide yourself deadlines and even send email reminders that events are coming due.  So, if I'm working on a presentation or a project, I can schedule all the parts of the process while having the files and links I need to complete said process right there at my fingertips?

Oh and did I mention you can share your Stixyboard collaboratively?  Anyone you invite to collaborate has the same rights you do.  So now you have file native sharing capability as well, without having to worry about chasing down links or email attachments.  For me, it's just better than Wallwisher.  So really you got two apps for the price of one reading today!  Feel free to leave a comment after you've checked out both and let me know which you prefer.
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