Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is Time on Your Side?

One of the great ways to learn about a historical event is to trace it's history on a timeline.  There are a number of different timelines creators available on the web.  My personal favorite at the moment is Dipity.  In addition to allowing you to add a title date and description, Dipity allows you to upload images (or link to them via a url), links, locations and videos. Once you've put your timeline together, you can view it as a timeline, flipbook, list or even on a Google map if you have tagged locations.  Once your timeline is complete, you can share it via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, myspace and Stumbleupon.  You can also grab some embed code that will allow you to place your timeline anywhere you can embed code.  Finally you get feedback on your information via comments.  Today's description is short namely due to the snowstorm that left me with a 3 hour commute home.  Until tomorrow...
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