Friday, January 21, 2011

Blast Mail with Twitter

I really pushed it to the edge on the 21st day of this project.  I've spent the last few hours struggling with what to share today.  I always say when in doubt, go to what you know.  And for me that's Twitter.  You'll probably see a number of 3rd party twitter applications throughout this 365 project.  Today I want to tell you about Grouptweet. This utility allows you to perform what they call 'narrowcasting".  Instead of being public, Grouptweet encourages you to create a unique Twitter account and have your constituency follow that account.  Then whenever you send an update from that account, Grouptweet automagically sends it as a direct message to all of those individuals.  And if they have configured Twitter properly, they will receive the message as an e-mail. Great for booster clubs, PTOs and even emergency closing information.  Hopefully, tomorrow will not be such a struggle to come up with an app.
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