Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random thoughts on the way to #IETC

It's that time of year again. There's a chill in the air (ok its's downright cold), the trees are bare and it's time to learn about new and exciting technologies and how they can be incorporated into an educational setting. I always look forward to seeing people that I haven't talked to other than over the internet. Sometimes the converations that happen during the "after hours" conference are even more powerful. Talking on Facebook and Twitter is all well and good, but it can never replace, those in depth discussions. I've already heard a few people in my PLN lamenting the end of IETC before it's even begun. People are asking how we keep the conversations going after we all go our separate ways. And I'm not sure I have the answers either. There are number of ways we can continue the conversations. Perhaps the best example is the most recent online global conference presented by Steve Hardigan and Lucy Gray ( forgive me if I mispelled their names - I will check and correct later if necessary). But as gre at as some of the sessions I have been able to catch a part of, it's still watching someone present. It's a conversation starter and a way to get some Professional Development; however, it's not a conversation. And neither was of designed to be. I think what way need are those conversations. I have yet to attend a state #Edcamp, hopefully, I will have that opportunity in the near future. It looked that based on the updates coming out of #EdcampKC that a derful time was had by all. And perhaps these more informal grassroots conferences are the wave of the future. But whatever the tool, I think the key will be consistency. It may be that we need to have these types of sessions on a regular basis (maybe, dare I say it, once a month). Otherwise, I think we are just reviving our engines, squealing our tires and going no where fast. I'd love your ideas about this. Please do post a comment with your opinions and ideas. My fingers are growing tired of typing on the EVO and still 118 miles to Springfield.

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