Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Can Lead Someone to Knowledge

This year I have been trying to get teacher's at two satellite "special education/alternative resource" schools to understand the value of a PLN (Personal Learning Network) and suggested at the beginning of the year that we set up a Ning so they could communicate with peers throughout the District, with the hope of expanding it to a GLN (Global Learning Network).  I simply asked that they come up with the name and that I would set up the site and get the ball rolling.  By January, I had 2 suggestions. [Insert sad face here].  Following the fallout of the Ning restructuring, I began investigating alternatives, namely Grouply and Grou.ps.

I sent out another request for names and with a little poking and proding, I got some great suggestions.  We set up an online poll and the name chosen was Agents of Change! Brilliant!  Well the group has been set up for a few weeks now and the first day or two people were active.  Since last Friday...nothing [insert another sad face] .

Certainly I can continue to add content and continue to encourage the growth of this site, but I don't want it to be about me and my opinions.  So, here is my plea to my own PLN and anyone reading this post for this matter: "If you are interested in helping grow a new online community whose focus is based primarily on Technology Use in Speacial Education, come join us and help me demonstrate what it means to be part of a personal learning network at http://grou.ps/agentsofchange/join "  I can lead these teachers to a knowledge based PLN, but I can't demonstrate it's power without some interactivity.  So even if you are involved in "mainstream" ed tech, please come and join us. 

The world is a better place with you in it!

Climbing off my soapbox now....
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