Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ever have one of those days?

I've been reflecting a lot on my life recently.  I've done a lot in my short time on this ever evolving rapidly spinning planet.  Yet, as fast as the world is turning sometimes my brain does not want to keep up.  Last year I had an idea.  O.K., I had lot's of ideas:  Podcasting from my car, live reviews of web resources on and a little project I called Digital Decompression where professionals in education and technology could come and discuss the weeks events, share findings or just vent. 

I have revisited the idea of a Podcast from the car and have decided, I don't like the end result.  Because I have to concentrate on driving, trying to piece together my thoughts just didn't work well and I'd end up with a mismash of information that I would spend the majority of my Friday evening editing down to a 30 - 40 minute podcast. Not to mention I was putting too much pressure on myself to get an episode a week done.  While they turned out "OK", (hear for yourself at the idea just never got into "overdrive" - oh that was just bad. Besides, it appears that one of my esteemed colleagues Kevin Honeycutt had a similar idea with "Driving Questions in Education" but it seems he also realized that recording a podcast on the run may not be such a good idea and it turned into an exciting forum for interviewing leaders in ed-tech! Way to go Kevin, I've enjoyed these! We'll see what happens, I may still occasionally record a podcast at 55 mph, but it won't be weekly. will soon be making a triumphant return (perhaps as early as this weekend).  I have a passion for finding ways to incorporate cloud technology into educational settings and that's what Webtopia is all about.

And finally there's Digital Decompression, the true point of this post.  Digital Decompression was an idea I had that would allow Ed Geeks from around the world to get together and discuss their latest failures, findings, and trumphs.  After all, these are the components that make us who we are.  I found that the debate rooms provided for free at  provide an opportunity for up to 6 individuals to be featured using a webcam and up to 1000 participants to join the chat.  I spent months advertising and hosting the event, but only had one successful session that included all of 5 people.  Most of the time, I sat by myself in the session, waiting for someone to join me.  Of course this was before Twitter allowed me to build my incredibly strong PLN full of people willing to share ideas and hold discussions online.  I'm hoping that I can cajole the likes of @jenwagner, @stevekatz, @kevinhoneycutt, @Luke1946, @vanishingpoint, @ijohnpederson, etc...into joining me in Digital Decompression. Like the way I name dropped there?! :-) 

More to come on this in the future! Hopefully the Digital Decompression will return next week!
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