Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too Much on the Brain

Until a member of the Generation XYZ crowd invents a cloning machine, we will all likely continue to have too many pokers in the fire.  In my case, it includes the following list of things I need to do just this weekend:
  • Blog a review of FETC (now that I have finally decompressed) - you will find that review on this blog hopefully by Sunday evening
  • Write a blog post about the staggering research regarding how much time kids today are "plugged in".
  • Write a blog post about staying motivated and inspired.  One of the teacher's I follow on Twitter has been having difficulty with this and I have some ideas on the matter.
  • Contact a number of presenters at FETC who asked me for more information about specific websites and utilities.  Including, Airset ( a desktop in the cloud), Sceenr (a Twitter API that allows you to perform screencaptures and download them as an MP4 file - unlike Jing) and Microsoft Tag (an app that allows you to link traditional media to digital )
  • Offload Dr. Disk's Drive Time from my Blackberry, perform post-production and upload it to Podomatic (it's already a week late)
  • Work on a presentation for my districts new implementation of Google Apps
  • Start brainstorming ideas for next years conferences (those calls for presenters will start sooner than you think) - some of my general ideas include using cell phones as a classroom tool, dealing with "disruptive technology", how current culture inspires the tech of the future, digital citizenship and maybe something on walled gardens
  •  I have to make a Best Buy run to get some cables and return some items
  • Clean my home studio so I can start producing again (my weekly live broadcast covering some exciting new web 2.0 app)
  • Backup and synch my ITunes library to an external drive
  • Continue to work on the book I've been inspired to write
  • Somehow find time to sleep and have a little fun
Whatever happened to weekends?

We'll I got the stuff in green completed. Only a third of what I wanted to accomplish, but at least it's something.
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