Friday, November 21, 2008

Elementary Parent University

I can't believe I missed it! My oldest will be in kindergarten next year (how time flies). At any rate I just got home from IETC and my wife says, "I wanted to show you something before I threw it away." The "something" was a flyer from my local school district informing us that they will be hosting a Parent University to familiarize parents with tools the students are already using, including "Study Island, My Access and Custom typing" It's amazing because I just got back from T+L (Tech and Learning in Seattle) a few weeks ago and got my first look at some of these programs on the vendor floor.

So now, I'm excited to see them in action. And providing parents with some hands on experience not only is exciting, it's a key step to bridging the digital divide and catching the digital immigrants up to speed. Additionally, I just got back from IETC in Springfield. And one of the sessions I saw today was by Robert Small from District 211 on bridging the digital divide. And if I'm not mistaken (should probably check my notes) one of the programs he spoke about was exactly this: Bring the parents and the community to the school for training.

So now I'm really excited! Everything seems to be going my way, until I look at the date of the event: November 17th, 2008. That was last Monday. I'm so busy driving the information superhighway, I'm not paying attention to my small little piece of terra firma! Bummer. Time to find the Technology Director at the district and start hoping another date will be offered in the near future.
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