Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is anyone really out there?

I'm beginning to ask this question. It's akin to the question does anyone hear you scream in Cyberspace? Viral videos have begun to be broadcast on network tv. There are televisions channel created by people. Current TV for one.
Other sites like UStream, Mogulus, Stickam allow users to broadcast their lives. But is anyone really out there? Are we using the technology purposefully or as I heard a board member for a school district in Alabama say today during a T+L presentation: are we just "playing with technology" Students today are using the network to sign up for facebook and myspace. But what are we doing as adults?
Sure we have facebook accounts and might have 100's of contacts there, but are we just "playing with technology" when we should be leverging its power.
I just sent a very public twitter message stating that I am Stickam right now willing to discuss the days events at T+L Seattle and absolutely no one is dropping in! It may be that a lot of people are still at the event or meeting with people in small groups with their own districts. But you would think that one person, just one, would be curious enough to pop in and see what the heck that tweet was all about!?
In such a social world, we are apparently not very social and that just leaves me screaming in Cyberspace where no one can hear me...Guess I'll try again later. Going to Pike's Market to pick up some souvineers.
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