Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hacking the Debates

I realize this is a blog that is mainly about the philosophy of Technology and Education. But this is my blog and I can certainly stretch the boundaries once in a while. Right?
Anyway, I've been using Twitter for quite some time. And I can simply say it's neat to tweet! When sitting at a boring dinner party or event it can be a good way to break the monotony. I like watching the public feed and seeing what other people are doing. But until now, I haven't seen much true value to it. It hasn't struck me a true global medium. Unless you have hundreds of followers (I have 2 at the moment), you may as well be shouting into a black hole! Incidentilly, you an follow me on Twitter at JMGubbins.
I did preface that last statement with until now. You see, over the past few weeks, the Current TV channel has been broadcasting the debates in partnership with Twitter. During the debate they run a twitter feed along the bottom of the screen allowing anyone with access to a cellphone with a Twitter client or access to a computer to send their thoughts on the debate. I was my usual skeptical self when I first heard about this, so I watched the VP debate a few weeks back on Current and was impressed that the tweets (incidentally, a tweet is a posted Twitter comment) were coming from both sides of the aisle and that the majority of the comments held validity. I don't know if Current was filtering the comments or not but I didn't notice any vulgar language or true hate mongering.
At any rate, I now see Twitter as a valuable Social Networking tool, but maybe I'm a little biased since my comment was the last in the commercial Current is running for the 3rd and final debate (look for JMGubbins).
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