Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to Zenodotus

Zenodotus was a Greek scholar of grammer. He was a literary critic and an authority on Homer. Zenodotus was also the first Librarian at Alexandria. I could not think of a more fitting Blog title for a journey into technology and education.

Over the life of this Blog, I plan to share revelations I have made along my personal journey through this amazing thing called life. Everyday is a new opportunity for growth and personal discovery.

I hope this site becomes a place you visit to learn about technologic innvovations that are finding their way into the classrooms around the world.

While, I am not a teacher. I do feel connected to the educational system. My parents were both educators. I myself am a credit shy of being certified as a K-9 teacher. But towards the end of my most recent educational journey I found myself becomming more and more of what I like to call an Edu Geek--a person who finds their passion in helping provide the tools necessary to educators trying to find their way in the 21st Century Classroom.

There is a great deal of discussion about the digital divide and one-to-one computing. Making sure that all students have access to equal technology is certainly vital to the future of our Global culture. Unfortunately, and this is just my humble opinion: "placing technology in the hands of children, does nothing, until the leader's in the classroom have some understanding of the power that it truly provides."

That is my goal for this blog. To help teachers and parents begin to understand how to use technology to enhance and expand the horizons of the lives they most significantly impact.

Please understand that these are just opinions. The wonderful thing about technology is that it affords us many opprtunites to accomplish a similar goal. Just because I may suggest something, don't take my word for it go out and discover your own path! Leave comments and suggestions and help this blog expand to be a resouce in your technical library!

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